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Steel Road

Steel Road Plates need a skid resistant surface (aka anti-skid) because they present a real hazard to motorists and pedestrians in urban areas. It has become common practice to coat the surface of the steel plate with Bauxite Grit in order to achieve the required grip value, but Trenchlink has developed and patented a radical, long life alternative:  The Ductile Iron Skid Resistant Tile- which creates a permanent, skid-resistant surface (SRValue = Low) on steel road plates.

The Skid Resistant Tile

Our Skid Resistant Tile presents a number of benefits when compared to temporary coatings such as grit paint or bauxite grit:

  • Manufactured from Ductile Iron, the Tile will last 15-20 years
  • Skid Resistance Value, or SRV, will not change over the life of the Tile
  • Tile kits can be easily applied on-site or off-site by untrained operatives
  • No need to transport plates to outside contractors for gritting