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500MAX Road Plate

The Trenchlink
500MAX-Crossing plate

Trenchlink Road Plates are modular system of interlocking, ductile iron units which have been approved for use within the utility industry since 2005 and conform to all guidelines set out by Local Authorities and enforced by the Traffic Management Act 2015.

They have been designed specifically overcome the problems caused by steel 8’x4’road plates and offer some key benefits:

  • Manufactured from Ductile Iron- virtually unbreakable in normal use
  • Low profile (20mm high) compared to heavy duty plastic plates (80mm)
  • Ease on handling on site
  • Ease of transport to site
  • Simple installation- no tools required
  • Interlocking security- cannot move off a correctly cut trench
  • Will support bus and truck axle loads with a safety factor of 40%
  • Manufactured from Ductile Iron
  • Estimated product life……..15+ years
  • Cost Benefit Analysis: Trenchlink will give a full ROI after 6 months of use