Are you in the utility trenching business?                                                                                                                           Then you need the Trenchlink Modular Road Plate System.

  • Trenchlink is the only Ductile Iron modular road plate system on the market…in the world
  • When compared to GRP/plastic plates, we measure durability in decades…not months
  • Trenchlink cost/benefit ratio is the best on the market…bar none
  • No Maintenance
  • Easy to transport & easy to handle
  • Trenchlink will secure your trench- all day & every day
This is a utility trench….and this is the best way to cover it

                      Trenchlink Features

  • Low profile- only 20mm high in total
  • No ramp effect, so minimal impact on motorcycles and cars
  • Plates lock together without tools of fixings
  • Made from Ductile Iron- strong/safe/secure
  • Integrated and permanent skid-resistant surface (SRV- LOW)
  • Hand grip locations for easy manual handling (26kgs for 500MAX plate)



Steel Road Plates and Anti Skid Surfaces

Utility contractors have to use Steel Road Plates- many of the wider trenching jobs and single openings could not be completed without heavy-duty road plates. Transport, handling, placing and securing steel plates are all problem issues, but one of the biggest problems with steel road plates is simply maintaining a rated SRV, or Skid Resistance Value, on the surface of the plate for a period of years. Bauxite Grit works on bus lanes for years- It does not work on Steel Road Plates through one single winter….

Trenchlink has developed a patented product- The Ductile Iron Skid Resistant Tile- which creates a permanent, skid-resistant surface (SRValue = Low) on steel road plates. See our photo gallery below, showing plates on site from around the world and answer our Quiz Question: Which one does the job well? ( Winner gets a free Tile 🙂

Steel Road Plates- New York city
Red Bauxite Grit on Steel Plate- London
Corpo 001
Steel Plates on Dublin street after 6 months- Bauxite Grit peeling off
Picture 008
Road Plate with (non-compliant) Checker Sheet… and the standard loose bolt
8x4 2
The Trenchlink Tile- Ductile Iron / Permanent SRV / 20+ years of life on site